Change Management

Planning for Change

It's all about taking change into your own hands, whether you initiated it or you are facing it. With your collaborators, and sometimes also other actors of your markets, we lead seminars and work groups to reflect and devise current and upcoming changes. The teams end up defining a lear vision and precise strategic project propositions to lead the way of their industry. 


We assisted the finance department of a large energy company in redefining its mission and vision as its market was announced to become deregulated : 

  • Identifying future needs resulting from deregulation

  • Involving internal customers in their thinking process

  • Strengthening partnership with internal customers and suppliers

  • Implementing new KPIs

  • Defining strategic projects for change

Change Management


Managing change is leveraging the commitment of your people and empowering them into changing by themselves. We will help you in creating an environment fostering change. We will assist in the coordination of change initiatives and projects throughout your company. Our involvement can be at multiple levels : strategic, people, and operational.  


In order to assist one of the largest sorting and distribution center of the US Postal Service in deploying a culture of performance and in obtaining exceptional productivity gains, we were involved in :

  • Defining key strategic projects for change

  • Coordinating internal and external communication plan

  • Negotiating with employees and unions​

  • Fostering employee commitment to the change initiative

  • Training Leaders of the company to managing change

  • Assisted managers in piloting daily operations and change implementation