Operational Excellence

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is not one method but a set of methods and tools. Their purpose is to give your people the knowledge, skills and support they need to improve and sustain performance (Productivity, Quality, Costs, Safety) in an autonomous manner. 


Example of Project

We assisted our client, a leader in the automotive industry, in implementing the tools and skills for autonomous performance management and continuous improvement in or oder to improve productivity. The gain was 12% over one year with the following actions :

  • Organizational Audit

  • Collaborative definition of KPIs 

  • Implementation and coaching of the Performance Management organization 

  • Training in using PM measurement and analysis tools and problem solving

  • Implementation of increased collaboration between services

Implementing Strategies


The success of a strategy lies not only with its pertinence with your industry's environment, but foremost with its implementation. And successful implementation lies with you people involvement and commitment to it. How do you successfully deploy your strategies all the way to the most operational of your collaborators ? 

Example of Project

Once we had clarified our client strategic objectives, we assisted the management in deploying and implementing the strategy throughout several industrial sites: 

  • Translating strategic objectives into operational goals

  • Coaching of shopfloor management

  • Defining and implementing a multi-level communication plan 

  • Defining and assisting to the implementation of Performance Management