Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Excellence

The supply chain is at the heart of every company. And it is a large contributor to its costs. How do you reconcile the need for excellence and the need for cost reduction? We can assist you in improving your customer service while maintaining or lowering your inventories; implementing a S&OP process; Improving order picking productivity and other logistic operations; Fostering a "Supply Chain Dynamic" with the engagement and commitment of other functions such as production, quality and more. 

Increase OTIF
Customer Service

Example of Project

Inventory Optimization

Within the Supply Chain of one of the leaders of the world flooring market, we succeeded in creating a dynamic around customer satisfaction with the production managers and launched several Supply Chain initiatives which resulted in ; 

  • 16-point increase in customer service level (82% to 98%)

  • Reduced stocks by 11 days

  • Increased order picking productivity by 10%

  • Réduction des stocks de 11 jours (de 45 à 34 jours)

  • Increased qualitative customer satisfaction